byBiehl - a dream come true for Charlotte Biehl

byBiehl has quickly become a bestselling brand in both Denmark and Norway, and the brand is constantly being contacted with social media influencers from all over the world.

The story behind byBiehl
When Charlotte Biehl was 10 years old, she had a burning wish for a pony. To realize the dream she planted a strawberry field and sold the berries at the roadside. Years later, Charlotte saw this initiative and hard work pay off, as her wish came true and she bought that pony.
Today, she follows the same recipe, realising her dream in the form of her jewellery company ‘byBiehl’. The goal now is no longer a pony, but to build a global jewellery company that creates high-quality, timeless jewellery that has a special meaning to those who wear it.
Charlotte’s drive and passion are fuelled by her strength and outlook on life. She believes that if you have a positive attitude towards life, an inner belief that everything is possible if you want it enough and are willing to work hard for it.
Speaking about byBiehl, Founder Charlotte Biehl said, “I've probably always been an entrepreneur at heart. I have a small notebook which is full of business ideas, but I just kept returning to the idea of starting a jewellery company. I have always liked creating my own jewellery and I came to believe that there was an opening in the market as I couldn’t find the jewellery I wanted to buy myself – sophisticated, timeless and personal jewellery of high quality at affordable prices”.
This was the start of byBiehl. Luckily other women are looking for the same type of jewellery that inspired Charlotte.
Charlotte started her hard work to create exactly the jewellery she wanted. It was important to her that the byBiehl jewellery symbolised something deeper, but at the same time are feminine, sophisticated and delicate.
byBiehl collections carry a positive message, about how to appreciate and enjoy life. Each creation is meant to inspire the women wearing it. Some of Charlotte´s favourite designs are the Beautiful World, Together and Tree of Life collections.
8 years have now passed since Charlotte founded byBiehl. Charlotte can now call byBiehl an international brand with more than 300 retailers in Scandinavia and the UK. byBiehl has just recently launched in Ireland and plans to launch in 2-3 other European countries in 2019.
“I’m really excited about our launch in Ireland. We have high expectations! The first feedback we have received is really positive and some of the leading Irish retailers have already taken on the brand. This is a dream coming true” – tells Charlotte Biehl. 


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